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Off / On, a simple switch, but a switch to what? I hear you ask. If you have studied the photograph of one my fathers prised sheds at the bottom of the garden (the one with the red dragon) you will discover that the little red, white and blue wires lead to a speaker above its door. What is this speaker you wonder, what is it for? what does it do?

Well, many have asked the same questions, and many have discovered when they least expect it. This speaker is the indulgence of Prince’s sadistic humour, a heart stopper, a warning least expected nor needed, except for the entertainment of one individual's boredom.

Placed at the entrance of his palace, this switch is aimed only at those who dare unknowingly. Redundant for most of its duration on the wall, only on show to quiz its onlooker, this speaker is an alarm, and when tripped you will hear its sound echo right through the valley. And, for those who are unfortunate enough to bare its blast, these will hear its ringing sound for some time after.


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