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Walking farther and farther into the depths of the old city and its darkened streets my senses tried desperately to cling to something they understood. Anything. But as we lost our selves to a rambling stream of watchful faces, frenzied traffic of people, bikes, carts and cattle, I soon found myself rendered motionless. Resigned to the notion that whatever this was, whatever I saw or felt in this moment it could never be captured in a photograph. Nor could such image compare to the fleeting allure of something so rare, so real and so magical all at once.

Like nothing I had ever seen before, Jaipur, in only hours of our arrival had provided so much more than I could process. And, as I stood momentarily paused by the current, gazing into a dusty chaos of what they call the Pink City of Rajastan; witnessing the pace of it, the noise, the movement, the smoke, the sense of community, families, children, I realized that whatever lay before me from this point on I was, what could only be described as, ill prepared. But as they say in India, ‘One Life’, a sentiment I could relate to, or at least as we say in Wales ‘Un bywyd byw fo’, one life live it, and no matter how prepared I was, that is exactly what I intended to do.

Lead by Ffotogallery, Dreamtigers is  a project which artists and cultural professionals from India and Wales collaborated around the making and presentation of new work that reflects how creativity, technology and a renewed sense of national identity are shaping the lives of future generations in a globalised society.

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