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Calling Creative Xennials

Are you a Visual Artist / Creative / or Maker born between 1977-85 (or up to two years either side), or do you know anyone of this category, who has made, or making visual work that identifies within Gwendraeth Valley or its surrounding communities (within a 15 Mile Radius), exploring concepts of cultural identity or sense of place within these communities?


This can be through the use of any medium providing it has a visual element e.g. photography / video / fine art / computer generated / graphics / installation / social media / collaboration etc. It can be experimental, unfinished or in progress.

This can be work that has already been exhibited, publicised or it can be work that has never been seen.


If you fit this description then I am very much interested in working with you, and invite you to take part in my new research project, to help shine a light on the makers of this generation here in Wales.




What’s it all about?


With a primary focus on the Gwendraeth Valley, and South-West Wales; dedicated to a demographic born at the cusp of the digital revolution, my research explores 'new' media / digital technologies, studied predominantly through the concept of a micro generation described as ‘Xennials’. Born between 1977 and 1985, during a specific era where technology was changing rapidly, where it had become far easier and much more accessible for people to record their lives and their experiences, and more precisely, their sense of identity.


This research aims to learn how this generation utilised these opportunities, and how many cultural documents were made during, or in effect of this period, and how these were accepted or adopted by the mainstream arts canon, attributing to a Welsh collection or cultural perspective beyond its industrial identity.


To help answer these questions I will be conducting interviews and collecting visual samples of work. The aim of these interviews will be to explore how Wales is represented by the very people who live in its heartlands, and ask questions about the contemporary sense of Welsh identity.


The results of this study will then be analysed and used to inform a written thesis, which will be made available on the University of the West of England’s open-access repository. And Work Samples, with permission, will be selected and curated for exhibition that celebrates artists of a post-industrial generation and its visual artforms.   




What would be your involvement?



If you agree to be involved you will be asked to take part as a cultural producer and to contribute examples of work that fits the criteria of the project, and agree to conduct an interview that discusses your work and experience as an artist/producer.


Interviews will be conducted either in person at a suitable location, or online, conducted through the use of live chat application. Interviews will take approximately 30-40mins.


If you would like to be part of this project, or If you would like any further information about the research please contact in the first instance:  Huw Alden Davies at Alternatively, you can reach me through various social media platforms. 


I very much look forward to hearing from you


Kind Regards


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